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Provide your HVAC system with the best heating and air services possible by calling our qualified technicians.

Homeowners rely on their HVAC systems to keep their homes comfortable regardless of the weather. When your indoor or outdoor unit fails, it won’t take long for outside temperatures to influence your home’s indoor comfort. Keep your home’s temperature and humidity under control with the trusted HVAC services from Parrain’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Bedico, LA.

Professional HVAC Services Keep Your Units in Their Best Condition in Bedico, LA

HVAC systems of all models, sizes, and ages will eventually require professional heating and air services for repairs, maintenance, or replacement. At Parrain’s Heating and Air Conditioning, our team has years of experience providing Bedico homeowners with expert HVAC services. Customers love us because our licensed and insured technicians always arrive on time and ready to work, ensuring we disrupt our clients’ schedules as little as possible.

Air Conditioning Repair in Bedico, LA

When your air conditioner goes down, Bedico’s heat and humidity can quickly make your home uncomfortably warm and sticky. With professional repairs, you can get back to enjoying a cool, dry home. If your air conditioner begins to exhibit signs like these, call our team for quick and efficient AC repair:

  • Poor airflow
  • A rising energy bill
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Foul odors or unusual noises

Air Conditioning Installation in Bedico, LA

Installing a new air conditioner requires experienced hands that know how to handle the delicate parts and components of modern-day AC units. Whether you’re installing a new air conditioner or replacing an old one, our skilled technicians can hook up your air ducts and electrical wires quickly and safely. Contact our AC installation experts today for help picking and installing the right air conditioner for your Bedico, LA, home.

A/C Maintenance in Bedico, LA

At Parrain’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we recommend scheduling routine maintenance at least twice a year to keep your units in their best condition. AC maintenance includes unit inspections and cleanings, testing to ensure your thermostat and AC communicate correctly and clearing debris away from your unit to help boost its performance.

Heat Pump Repair & Installation in Bedico, LA

Heat pumps transfer heat in and out of your home, making these energy-efficient appliances useful year-round. Homeowners can install one to work in tandem with their HVAC unit, lessening the wear and tear on their current system. Our technicians can help Bedico, LA, homeowners choose the right heat pump for their home, install it, and repair it should the need arise.

Furnace Repair & Installation in Bedico, LA

Many homeowners in Bedico use a gas furnace to heat their homes, but any malfunction can quickly let a house go cold. At Parrain’s Heating and Air Conditioning, our team of experienced heating technicians can efficiently and effectively repair a broken furnace or help homeowners choose and install a new one.

Some signs of a failing furnace include:

  • Off-color pilot light
  • Poor or no heating
  • Problems with air quality
  • Loud noises or strange odors
  • Higher than usual energy bills

Heating Maintenance in Bedico, LA

Whether you use a heat pump or gas furnace, all heating systems need regular maintenance to keep working in tip-top condition. During heating maintenance, our technicians ensure your heater responds to your thermostat and perform an inspection on all components and wiring. If we find anything that may need repairs or replacements, we’ll discuss it with you, so you know what’s going on and can make informed decisions regarding your heating system.

Enjoy a Comfortable Home All Year Long with HVAC Services in Bedico, LA

When your air conditioning and heating system works as it should, you can relax and feel more comfortable at home. If your AC or heating systems act up or need replacement, call our professionals at Parrain’s Heating and Air Conditioning at (985) 303-9883 for professional HVAC services in Bedico, LA.

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The installers were professional and very trust worthy.

First thing, I called them on Monday after my ac went completely out. Instead of just telling my ac was out and needed to be replaced they tried everything in there power to repair it. There prices were the best I found. Not only were the prices the best but they had the units in stock and ready to install. The next day it was installed and my house is cool again. The installers were professional and very trust worthy. They refused to leave until the job was complete and the house was getting cool. Keep in mind it was 10:30 at night and they were still here to make sure we would be comfortable. I can’t recommend them enough. If you want it done right call these guys and get it done by the best around.

David Racioppa
Everyone at Parrain's was genuine, professional, and did a great job!

I highly recommend Parrain’s HVAC. I recently replaced a 24 yr old unit and everyone was such a pleasure to work with. Although it was a dreaded but foreseen expense everyone at Parrain’s was genuine, professional, and did a great job! They treated me like family and were extremely responsive and quick on the follow-up to assure I was satisfied with their work and everything was work properly.

Elizabeth McBride
Wonderful experience with the entire team!

Wonderful experience with the entire team! Quick and correct diagnosis of my 20 year system that broke. They provided me with several options to replace which allowed me to make a good decision for cost and performance. I recommend this company for your ac repair and replacement.

Boomer Erickson