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Reach out to the professionals at Parrain’s Heating and Air Conditioning for reliable service in Hammond, LA today!

Nobody should have to endure the Louisiana summers without the help of a quality climate control system. In Hammond, LA, Air Conditioning Repairs & Installation are vital services. If you need air conditioning service in Hammond, call Parrain’s Heating & Air Conditioning. We are a trusted, family-owned and veteran-owned HVAC company that offers regular maintenance and 24/7 emergency services.

Keep Your Hammond HVAC System in Great Condition with Our Services

Our company provides year-round support to the Hammond community with comprehensive heating and cooling services. We have experience working on many types of furnaces, heaters, and air conditioning systems. Whether your system needs a simple tune-up or you need a complete HVAC overhaul, we have the equipment and experienced professionals on hand for the job.

Air Conditioning Repair in Hammond, LA

Older air conditioners can be a headache. They increase your energy bills, are noisy, contaminate the air, and struggle to keep the air cool at times. If you believe your unit requires some sort of air conditioning repair, call us to fix the problem as soon as possible.

AC Replacement & Installation in Hammond, LA

Don’t put up with a failing air conditioner or one that no longer meets your needs. Trust Parrain’s Heating & Air Conditioning to recommend and install a new, energy-efficient air conditioner with the power you need to keep cool on even the hottest days.

Once we’ve completed a new air conditioning installation in your home, the experts on our team will give you tips on how to care for your new ac system and recommend a maintenance schedule so it will last as long as possible.  

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Hammond, LA

Parrain’s Heating & Air Conditioning understands how vital regular ac maintenance is for a smoothly running air conditioning HVAC system. An air conditioner can run for up to 15 or 20 years if you clean and tune up the components every year before the summer heats up. 

When you call Parrain’s Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioning maintenance, our technicians will go through your air conditioning system thoroughly to identify any trouble spots such as:

  • clogged filters
  • dirty evaporator or condenser coils
  • dirty ductwork
  • malfunctioning sensors and thermostats
  • low refrigerant levels

Furnace Repair & Installation in Hammond, LA

Be prepared for winter cold by keeping your furnace in good repair.

Is your furnace not heating your home sufficiently? Did it trip your carbon monoxide detector? Does your furnace make strange sounds or odors?

A furnace or heater problem could be an emergency. Parrain’s Heating & Air Conditioning has the expertise to handle the problem safely. Our trained technicians will describe the problem and help you decide whether to repair the furnace or upgrade to a new heating system.

Heat Pump Repair & Installation in Hammond, LA

Climates with mild winter weather are ideal for energy-efficient heat pump technology. Heat pumps work on similar principles to air conditioners but work in both directions. In the summer, they cool the home by transferring the heat outside; in the winter, they warm the home by moving heat inside from the air or the ground.

Our heat pump experts will determine whether a heat pump is the best heating solution for your home. If you decide to install a heat pump, we will help you choose from a selection of quality heat pumps by exceptional manufacturers.

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Call us for any heat pump or furnace issues as well. Ask about our financing opportunities and promotional offers on Hammond, LA, air conditioning repairs, and installation.

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Why Choose Us For Your HVAC Services?
The installers were professional and very trust worthy.

First thing, I called them on Monday after my ac went completely out. Instead of just telling my ac was out and needed to be replaced they tried everything in there power to repair it. There prices were the best I found. Not only were the prices the best but they had the units in stock and ready to install. The next day it was installed and my house is cool again. The installers were professional and very trust worthy. They refused to leave until the job was complete and the house was getting cool. Keep in mind it was 10:30 at night and they were still here to make sure we would be comfortable. I can’t recommend them enough. If you want it done right call these guys and get it done by the best around.

David Racioppa
Everyone at Parrain's was genuine, professional, and did a great job!

I highly recommend Parrain’s HVAC. I recently replaced a 24 yr old unit and everyone was such a pleasure to work with. Although it was a dreaded but foreseen expense everyone at Parrain’s was genuine, professional, and did a great job! They treated me like family and were extremely responsive and quick on the follow-up to assure I was satisfied with their work and everything was work properly.

Elizabeth McBride
Wonderful experience with the entire team!

Wonderful experience with the entire team! Quick and correct diagnosis of my 20 year system that broke. They provided me with several options to replace which allowed me to make a good decision for cost and performance. I recommend this company for your ac repair and replacement.

Boomer Erickson