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Providing Quality Air Conditioning and Heating Services in Kenner, LA

With quality air conditioning, heating, and electrical services, we keep Kenner comfortable and safe year-round.

Whether you use a heat pump or have a furnace and air conditioner, you need your HVAC system working well year-round. When anything breaks, you need reliable air conditioning and heating services in Kenner, LA

As a family-run and locally-owned HVAC company, Parrain’s Heating And Air Conditioning is passionate about helping the community we live in. When you have an HVAC problem, contact us.

Kenner, LA Air Conditioning Services

Because of the intense heat and humidity of Louisanna summers, you likely run your air conditioner constantly during the hot months, if not year-round. But the more you use your air conditioner, the sooner you need a new one. Schedule annual preventive maintenance in the spring to keep it running and repair-free.

Our maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning your air ducts
  • Replacing or cleaning your air filter
  • Cleaning your evaporator and condenser coils
  • Inspecting the electrical components
  • Recalibrating the thermostat

How can you tell when your air conditioner needs repairs? Look for these signs:

  • You notice rising energy bills but haven’t increased your usage.
  • You smell unpleasant or unusual odors coming from your vents or the air conditioner.
  • Your allergies or respiratory issues are worse because of poor indoor air quality.
  • The AC unit’s airflow is weak or lukewarm.
  • Your home isn’t the same temperature from room to room. 

Parrain’s Heating And Air Conditioning can handle repair services for your air conditioner or install a new AC unit if you want to upgrade. Look for these signs you need a new air conditioner:

  • The unit is at least 15 years old.
  • You’ll spend more on frequent repairs than on a new unit.
  • You’re suffering from frequent respiratory or allergy problems.

Heating Services in Kenner

As part of our air conditioning and heating services in Kenner, LA, Parrain’s Heating And Air Conditioning maintains, repairs, and installs furnaces. With comprehensive expertise, we can help with:

  • Installing the best heater for your home, including heat pumps and furnaces
  • Maintaining your heating system so it functions throughout the winter
  • Repairing your furnace or heat pump when components break
  • Upgrading your insulation to help maintain a regular temperature

If you notice any of the following signs, call Parrain’s Heating And Air Conditioning for an appointment:

  • You smell natural gas or detect a gas leak.
  • You notice a sudden spike in your utility bills.
  • Your furnace can’t keep your home heated.
  • Your heater is making loud and unusual noises.

When you call us, we’ll inspect your heating system and determine if it needs maintenance, repairs, or replacement. We help you decide what’s best for your home with expertise and clear and honest communication.

Kenner Electrical Services

Your electrical system is necessary to keep your HVAC system working. That’s why we also provide the following electrical services:

  • We can repair issues with your circuit breaker and electrical panel. We can also upgrade them or install a new one if they’re beyond repair or you need greater capacity.
  • We can diagnose and repair a wide variety of electrical issues, such as frequent power surges, exposed wires, and faulty connections.
  • We can repair, install, and update outlets and other receptacles necessary for powering your appliances.
  • We install and repair light switches, including upgrading them to dimmers.
  • If you want beautiful light fixtures like a chandelier, we can install them.
  • Whole home generators are a great way to keep your home safe and comfortable during power outages. We maintain, repair, and install them.

Contact Parrain’s Heating And Air Conditioning for Service in Kenner, LA

When you need air conditioning and heating services in Kenner, LA, Parrain’s Heating And Air Conditioning can help. With a passion for providing quality heating and cooling to our neighbors in Kenner, we make sure you’re safe, comfortable, and satisfied. Book an appointment by calling (985) 303-9883.

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The installers were professional and very trust worthy.

First thing, I called them on Monday after my ac went completely out. Instead of just telling my ac was out and needed to be replaced they tried everything in there power to repair it. There prices were the best I found. Not only were the prices the best but they had the units in stock and ready to install. The next day it was installed and my house is cool again. The installers were professional and very trust worthy. They refused to leave until the job was complete and the house was getting cool. Keep in mind it was 10:30 at night and they were still here to make sure we would be comfortable. I can’t recommend them enough. If you want it done right call these guys and get it done by the best around.

David Racioppa
Everyone at Parrain's was genuine, professional, and did a great job!

I highly recommend Parrain’s HVAC. I recently replaced a 24 yr old unit and everyone was such a pleasure to work with. Although it was a dreaded but foreseen expense everyone at Parrain’s was genuine, professional, and did a great job! They treated me like family and were extremely responsive and quick on the follow-up to assure I was satisfied with their work and everything was work properly.

Elizabeth McBride
Wonderful experience with the entire team!

Wonderful experience with the entire team! Quick and correct diagnosis of my 20 year system that broke. They provided me with several options to replace which allowed me to make a good decision for cost and performance. I recommend this company for your ac repair and replacement.

Boomer Erickson